Superintendent’s evaluation sparks discussion at school board meeting

MUSCOGEE COUNTY, Ga.- Tuesday night’s called board meeting for the Muscogee County School Board featured a short, three item agenda.

The first item was the board filing to become a Georgia School Board Association distinguished board. The board received the honor in 2014 and must meet certain requirements to earn it. District 2 Board Member, John Thomas questioned the filing. “As long as we have 10 schools on the perpetually failing schools list, as long as our graduation rate is as low as it is, we are not a board of distinction,” Thomas said. He also added that once those things change that the board will become a board of distinction.


Board Chairman Rob Varner spoke to the progress the board has made and continues to make. “When we think of the district leadership, are we saying that our district leadership is doing what we can? I for one, as one member of this board would say yes to that,” Varner said.

The decision passed 5 to 1 and Varner added that the board distinction status would be made available to the public in December.

In order to be a board of distinction, the board must do a self-assessment that covers topics such as: strategic planning, board meetings and community relations among other items. District 8 Board Member Frank Myers said the board is good at implementing policy but needs to be more proactive on establishing policy. Varner added the board is in good shape on providing healthy debate and having varying view points, but says there is room to improve.

The last item was an executive session regarding evaluating the superintendent. Myers and Thomas felt the evaluation should be done in front of the public. Myers and Thomas considered walking out so the board could not go to executive session, but it did not happen.

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