AU researchers brainstorming ways to collaborate

AUBURN, Ala. – From cyber studies to sleep deprivation, Auburn University researchers are brainstorming different ways to work together.

Jennifer Kerpelan is the chair of the universities “This is research,” committee.

She says many projects overlap and the sharing of ideas can lead to breakthroughs.

“We are one of the few universities that has a functioning MRI, and so we have a lot of facility that is starting to engage in what’s going on the brain,” said Kerpelan.

Mona El-Sheikh is researching how sleep affects teenagers.

“Some children do not do well in school, so we are trying to see the role of sleep deprivation in that and their mental health,” said El-Sheikh.

El-sheikh has spent years researching sleep and the brain.

But, said Wednesday’s gathering helped her take her research to the next level.

“Our discussions prompted us to think about our next steps,” said El-Sheikh.

Hearing about other research studies on campus helped her find like-minded people who can advance her research. .

“Also through the meeting, I have found several collaborators, and I’m sure they will also be connecting with other scholars,” said El-Sheikh.

Leading the way in research helps recruit the best students to the university—- and provides those students with a variety of research opportunities.

“So when they leave here they are prepared for the jobs that are out there, and we need them doing for our community,” said Kerpelan.

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