5 things women should know about Ovarian cancer

LAGRANGE, Ga. September is Ovarian cancer Awareness month.

The American Cancer Society estimates more than 21,000 women will receive a new diagnosis this year and that more than 14,000 will die from the disease.

Cancer specialist Dr. Wassim Mchayleh says he’s hopeful new treatment options on the horizon will help raise the survival rate for ovarian cancer patients.

He says two new treatments approved by the FDA are showing tremendous results in women with the BRCA gene mutation, a high risk factor for Ovarian cancer.  One is an antibody, the other targets specific cells.

“It targets the blood supply formation to cancer cells and it has shown improvement and survival in treating patients with metastatic ovarian cancer and advanced stages,” said Dr. Mchayleh, Director of Oncology Services at West Georgia Health in LaGrange.

The two new treatments are Bevacizumab and Olaparib.


Dr. Wassim Mchayleh

  1. The age of Ovarian cancer ranges from 20-80. Peak ages 55-65.
  2. Risk factors: Infertility, Taking Hormones, Strong Family History
  3. Ovarian cancer is Treatable and curable
  4. There are screening tools: The CA 125, a blood test and the Transvaginal Ultrasound.
  5. Symptoms include Increase in abdominal girth, bloating, unusual constipation/change in bowel habits, unexplained weight loss

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