UPDATE: Abused Columbus dog gets new, loving home with former police officer

COLUMBUS. Ga. – The Columbus German Shepherd who was chained to a tree and lost her leg as a result of the abuse has found a new, loving home.

In a follow up to a story we brought you about a month ago, here’s part two of Cece’s story:

One happy dog.

Cece’s come a long way — from being abused so badly to now — on the mend and in the loving hands of former Columbus police officer Emory Gilbert.

Gilbert said he knew he wanted Cece the moment he first saw her photo on Facebook.

” I just walked in the door and I said I want to adopt her,” Gilbert said. “They said, ‘Have you seen her?’ I said, “No, no, ma’am.”

Gilbert said Cece has settled right in, chasing the cats and taking over their beds…as though she understands she’s welcomed there.

“Dogs know,” Gilbert said. “They just know. They know that you love them. She’s just one of the crew. Just one of the family.”

Now not only does Cece have a new loving “mom and dad,” she also has a German Shepherd sister, Artemus.

Gilbert and Cece share a certain likeness — she’s lost a leg. He’s lost five toes to diabetes.

“So we’re all freaks on nature in a way,” Gilbert said.

Bodies altered, sure. But hearts perfectly in tact…

WRBL called Columbus Animal Control for an update on Cece’s previous owners. Charges have not been filed because Cece’s former owners only provided partial information when they gave her up. Animal control has gone to Cece’s old home several times, but it appears no one lives there anymore.




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