Parents, students react to gun threat at RCHS

Kay-Kay Kuttner and Beronta Jones are upset at how RCHS handled a gun threat when placing students on lockdown Tuesday.

Parents are still outraged about how they found out about a gun t

hreat at Russell County High School yesterday. While no one was hurt, many parents feel as though the school was not as straightforward as they should have been about the incident.

The high school went on lockdown around 8 a.m. Tuesday because a student stole a gun from his father’s safe, according to the Russell

County Sheriff’s Office. That student, whose name is not being released, has since been arrested.

News 3 followed up with a couple of students, who say not everyone took the gun threat seriously.

“It’s still an iffy situation,” Keanna “Kay Kay” Kuttner said about the climate at school.

Kuttner is a junior at RCHS. She and her friend, senior Beronta Jones, say people were strolling down the halls as if the threat was not real. Principal Ken Britford sent out a voice message to parents saying that the school was going through a lockdown drill. However, many parents received word from their children’s texts about the situation.

Kuttner had a substitute teacher when the lockdown first started. She said the teacher didn’t fully know what was going on. Kuttner learned about the full nature of the lockdown on the news.

“I was kinda terrified, knowing that we could’ve lost our lives if anything would’ve happened,” Kuttner said. “We could’ve been on the news for much greater reasons.”

Neither Kuttner nor Jones believe that the school properly handled the situation.

From a concerned parent: “I however do think that the school could have been more up front about the situation as in stating that there was a “rumor that there was a gun on premises, however we have not found anything but we are taking precautionary measures and looking into all of the rumors and will keep you updated as information arises.”

“We do need to have teachers and students at Russell County taking it seriously,” Jones explained. “Stop thinking everything is a joke when it could’ve been worse than what it was this time.”

However, not everyone is upset in regards to the school’s action against the gun threat. David Warren says he was concerned when he learned his daughter was in a school on lockdown. However, once he heard from his wife that his daughter had texted she was okay, his concern turned into confidence that the school would keep her safe.

Concerned parent David Warren believes the high school handled the situation as best they could.
Concerned parent David Warren believes the high school handled the situation as best they could.

“They handled this as best they could,” Warren said. “They needed to keep some type of composure during school rather than having total chaos, everybody freaking out…keep some type of order, keep kids calm and collected and maintain normalcy.”

News 3 followed up with Principal Britford as to why the school deliberately withheld certain information from parents, faculty, staff and students about the gun threat. However, he refused to answer any of our questions. He said he hadn’t had one parent come in to complain, even though social media is abuzz with rage. Britford said he did not want to disrupt the flow of school, however, and directed our reporter to leave the property.






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