Auburn downtown master plan moves forward

The organization, “Keep Auburn Lovely,” has over 1,800 likes on their Facebook page. Kelley Griswold, one of the members, and described it as a grassroots effort to preserve the small town charm,  in the growing downtown auburn area.

“We think that anything going on downtown needs to be in scale with the existing small town, loveliest village concept,” said Griswold.

Members of the group have shared their feedback at countless meetings concerning the downtown master plan.

“We are concerned that there might be some 6-story buildings all the way from the railroad tracks to Thatch,” said Griswold.

The master plan is now being worked over by the city planning department.

Thom Weintraut, a principal planner with the City of Auburn, said they will be looking over the plan for the next few weeks, before sending their recommendations to city council.

“A lot of the recommendation take into account a lot of the public feedback going forward particularly in the building height and type of use,” said

The Planning Dept. will hold its first meeting discussing the downtown master plan on Tuesday, Sept. 29th,. Where citizen can come and listen, but no feedback will be taken.

“There will be plenty more opportunities for citizens input…and we like to see that involvement.” >

Once the planning dept. gives city council their recommendation on the master plan…. The floor will open once again for citizens to voice their concerns. Until then, concerned citizens like Griswold will be listening in and holding the city accountable.

“160 Ross development created a lot of angst in town and we understand the mayor has promised all future building be half of that, and we certainly want to see them follow through,” said Griswold.

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