Muscogee County School Board discusses various policies at meeting

The board members during Monday night's meeting

MUSCOGEE COUNTY, Ga.- The Muscogee County School Board held their regular monthly meeting Monday night, and the agenda covered a variety of topics. Two of those topics were a revision to the weapons policy and the superintendent’s expenditures.

After the board appointed Dr. Jacqueline Flakes as principal to Key Elementary School, Dr. Barrie Clarke to Midland Middle School and Mr. Lance Henderson to Richards Middle School, they moved on in the agenda.

The first item was a revision to the weapons policy. House Bill 492 tweaked the juvenile code and as a result, only certain weapon violations will result in juvenile court proceedings. Part of the Official Code of Georgia says that schools are to report weapon violations to appropriate law enforcement under certain conditions: if the student has a firearm, an incendiary device, or another dangerous weapon such as a rocket launcher or bazooka. The student is to also be reported if the student is involved in an assault using a hazardous object like a switchblade knife, or if the student is involved in a second offense on campus.

The board members during Monday night's meeting
The board members discussing a point of interest during Monday night’s meeting


The next on the agenda was talking about the posting of expenditures made by the superintendent. District 2 Board Member, John Thomas proposed a policy in August, but he whittled it down. His policy asks for a monthly report of expenses made by the superintendent that do not require board approval be put on the district’s website. The posts would show the date of the purchase, the one receiving the payment, its purpose, its amount and those who authorized it. All of the posts would be for items that cost less than $15,000. “I feel like we’ve made a nice step forward in the service of transparency,” Thomas said. “I believe the taxpayers of Muscogee County deserve to know how their money is being spent and for what.”

Board Chairman Rob Varner says this information has been available to people before, but this is the first time it would be available on the internet. He says this would make things easier for people to see this information and he thinks it is a fine idea, “the more transparency the better,” Varner said.

Both of these policies will be discussed and voted on a October’s meeting.

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