AU students invest thousands in the stock market

This school year 33 Auburn University students will not just be learning about the stock market. They will soon be investing a large amount of money in the market themselves, through Auburn University’s Student Investment Fund.

“We are looking to start at somewhere from $500,000 to one million,” said Shane Mulqueen, V.P. of Risk Management.

Before the students can purchase and trade stock with the money in the investment fund, they have to prove they have the skills necessary to be successful in the market. So until, February the students will manage imaginary cash.

“Putting our investing decision skills under a microscope to show that we do have fair investment practices,” said Mulqueen.

Auburn senior Timothy Ng said the hands on experience help him understand the concepts he has been taught in the classroom.

“One of the main things that I learn from it is being able to look at what’s happening in the market now and form my own opinion on it,” said Ng.

Ng said it also allows him an opportunity to check out the career before he graduates and looks for employment.

“Going forward with it after I graduate that is something that could benefit me, because it is something I want to do as a career,” said Ng.

Managing the investment fund will be a collective effort among the students in the program.

“Warren Buffet said, ‘You have to be greedy, when others are fearful,’ and right now the market is pretty fearful,” said Ng.

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