Marion County to see new international, private school in former Tri-County High School

MARION COUNTY, Ga. – The Tri-County High School is being put back to good use.

In the 1970s, the school hosted students from Marion, Schley and Webster counties. But now it will be known as The Crenshaw School and will be a melting pot of students from all over the world.

It’s been closed for years, but now there’s new life inside the former Tri-County High School.

And it’s because of Brenda Crenshaw’s vision.

She’s partnered with investors to create an international, private school.

One investor owns a school in China that has 2,000 students; some of those kids want to come to American for their education.

But Crenshaw said you need a balance of children.

“You need kids that are from overseas, but you need American kids because the parents of the international students want their child to learn the American culture,” Crenshaw said.

In a town as small as Buena Vista, though, how will The Crenshaw School attract locals?

“So what we want to do is offer some fantastic scholarships for the local students, where they come with very reduced, and we freeze their tuition, which is very small, once they’re accepted for the next few years or until they graduate,” Crenshaw said.

One of the three staff members at The Crenshaw School, Debi Nagy, has 20 years of experience as an educator in surrounding counties.

Teaching international students, though, doesn’t intimidate her.

“I’m hoping to learn some new languages,” Nagy said. “See, not only will I teach them, they will teach me.”

Will Marion and surrounding counties accept the new school, or will they be outsiders?

“I’m hoping that they will embrace us, and I’m hoping that they don’t see us a threat, but see us as another option,” Nagy said.

Crenshaw said she hopes to have the school’s first students in house by October.

The one the school needs is host families for the international students. To learn more about The Crenshaw School, click here. 




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