“Drone School” helps commercial businesses owner

John Sweatman’s business, Neighborhood Tour gives potential home buyers a glimpse of a property on the market, but buyers are demanding access to better pictures and video these days.

The demand led Sweatman to enroll in Auburn University “Drone School.”

“Long driveway approaches, a lot of outdoor living. So, it just allows us enhance and show that to the potential home buyer,” said Sweatman.

During the 3-day course Sweatman learns how to use drones for commercial business, and said learning how to do it legally entailed more than he imagined.

“You have to have a sports pilot license or all the way up to a commercial license,” said John Conley, unmanned aircraft instructor, AV Energies.

Sweatman said the bird’s eye view of a property gives his business a competitive edge, while also giving his clients what they want.

“The market has been demanding it for quite a while, but I’ve been waiting because i wanted to do it the right way and be responsible,” said Sweatman.

And before sweatman takes his business to the sky, he has some steps to check off along the way, but said that is alright with him because he wants to do the right way.

“And this is not for everyone, not everyone has the ability or desire to follow all these steps and regulations,” said Sweatman.

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