Students donate thousands of socks, socking it to poverty

More than 3,000 socks were donated at the Sock Hop.
More than 3,000 socks were donated at the Sock Hop.

It’s not a footnote: several needy families around Columbus will get some relief. St. Anne-Pacelli Catholic School students are donating thousands of socks to the Community Outreach program.

Students from preschool through high school celebrated the sock collection with a “Sock Hop.” After dropping thousands of pairs of socks in decorated buckets, the younger students got to dance to Oldie’s and grab some ice cream.

St. Anne-Pacelli’s community service program collected more than 3,000 pairs of socks to give to underprivileged families. The Outreach Program serves 25-30 families each day and about 400 families a month. This year, the program celebrates their 35th anniversary (officially in October). However, every month they have an item that students and volunteers donate.

More than 3,000 socks were donated at the Sock Hop.
More than 3,000 socks were donated at the Sock Hop.

Families referred by a government agency, social agency, or church, are able to take advantage of the stacks of groceries toiletries and other necessities.

“We often help with rent, utilities and clothing too,” Director of St. Anne’s Community Outreach Katie Byers said.

Byers says socks are in high demand because they’re durable and last for a long time.

The director also says the 90 or so volunteers who sacrifice their time and resources to help other people in need range in age from 12 to the most seasoned of citizens. But the students are really what keep the program running.

“They’re a very generous group of people,” Byers said. “Many of the youth are just looking for a way to give to the community.”

Tyler Bragg is a freshman at St. Anne-Pacelli Catholic High School. Bragg says volunteering his time four days a week puts matters in perspective.

“Well, it just makes me realize all the things that I have, seeing those people that come in, and seeing all the things I do have, it makes me appreciate them for what they are,” Bragg said. “Maybe they aren’t the best things, but at least they do have them.”

Bragg plans to continue volunteering throughout high school.



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