Massive fire at Mobile’s Orange Beach


UPDATE 8:30 AM 9/15/2015

“I’m glad nobody was hurt today, this was a deathtrap,” said Orange Beach Fire Chief Shane Phillips.  He was lamenting the lack of a sprinkler system in these condos.  They were built before a sprinkler system was mandated by the building code.
They had 5 rescues, 45 firemen from Orange Beach and assistance from the Orange Beach Police Department, Escambia County, FL and Foley firefighters and firemen from just across the way in Gulf Shores.  22 out of 34 units were destroyed.


UPDATE: 8:00AM, 09/15/2015

The Orange Beach Fire Captain has reported there are no injuries as a result of the fire.


UPDATE: 6:30AM, 09/15/2015
Fire crews are getting a handle on the fire now.
No major injuries have been reported at this point.
Only about six units are occupied year round. During vacation season the units are filled with vacationers


5:40AM, 09/15/2015

A massive fire is burning at the Island Dunes Condo on Perdido Beach Boulevard — that’s on Cotton Bayou near Cottons restaurant.
No cause yet on how it started, but a city official says it started around 3 am.
Cottons Restaurant and a Remax Office are threatened, as well as a wooded area near the two-story condo.
We’ve got a crew on scene and we’ll bring your more details as they become available.


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