Columbus car seat expert explains common mistakes

This week: National Child Passenger Safety Week

COLUMBUS, Ga. – According to Safe Kids Worldwide, road injuries are the leading cause of preventable deaths for children.

If you use car seats and boosters the right way, you can reduce the risk of death by as much as 71 percent.

As part of National Child Passenger Safety Wekk, one Columbus mom and car seat expert wants to make sure your kids are safe.

Christy Hubbard of Kids Safe Columbus said wiggle room is a no-no.

“So you’ll notice if you see a car seat or if you even test it yourself side to side, it’s really loose,” Hubbard said. “It should only move an inch, which is the size of a quarter.”

Another mistake is keeping the harness clip too low on the child’s body.

“The clip needs to be at the armpit level,” Hubbard said. “A lot of times it’s down where the child’s belly button is and that is just not a safe place for it to be. It needs to be at the armpit.”

AAA said it’s best to keep small children in the back.

“We always recommend, even if a child is over 8, the safest place for them to be is in the rear of the vehicle, unless they’re 13 years of age or older,” said Garrett Townsend, AAA spokesperson.

Even if your child is old enough to sit in the front seat, the best practice is to push that front seat all the way back. The reason? Air bags.

“A child is going to feel so much force if they’re sitting in the front seat, and many times they’re just not tall enough to handle, or strong enough to handle the impact of that airbag,” Hubbard said.

It’s all about keeping our little ones safe.

“Basically, if a parent learns how to install their seat right, they’re doing the best that they can to help keep their child alive,” Hubbard said.

If you’re wondering if your car seat or booster is installed correct, Kids Safe Columbus is happy to help. For their information, click here. 

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