Artists gather salvaged material for 220-mile trip on the Chattahoochee

COTTONTON, Ala. – A floating art gallery is hitting the Chattahoochee River. We caught up with some artists today, who are making a 220 mile voyage on their pontoon, made up of salvaged material.

“We just wanted to make some art so there’s a lot of stuff floating alongside the river. We’re gonna fix some of it up and wire it into art and when we get o Apalachicola we’re going to try and sell it.”

“We’ll sell the whole boat. Really? And buy it.”

“What gave you the idea to do this?”

“We’re sitting down in Apalachicola with these Dutch guys last year sitting out on the dock drinking coffee and a big ole tree floated by and I said ‘that probably floated all the way from Seale.’ Our lake runs right into the Creek and it runs into the River and we could have floated down here, so we got the idea to float down here.”

“Where did you get the stuff that’s on it now. I found it in the trash.”

“Is this one of your most impressive projects?”

“One of them I reckon.”

“What are you going to be doing on this trip besides picking up trash?”

“We’ll be fishin’, catchin’ some supper. Catfishin’. Catch a turtle or something to eat.”

“Have you ever done this trip before?”

“No never. We don’t even have a map, we’re just going south.”

“You call yourselves pirates?”

Yeah, we got cops set up, raid some towns.”

“What do you think people are going to say?”

“I don’t know probably freak the bass fisherman out.”

“Finally glad it’s time to sail on, it’s been 10 days of building, so we’re ready to relax.”

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