Why McAfee’s campaign headquarters are in Opelika

It is often referred to as the railroad town, but the small town nickname for Opelika is quickly changing, as the first One Gig City in Alabama and the headquarters of a U.S. presidential campaign.

Something, June Owens with Opelika Power Services said she did not see coming.

“What it will do for our community is amazing,” said Owens.

And make no mistake; the choice to set up headquarters in Opelika is a part of candidate John McAfee’s strategy.

“It is one of six cities in the U.S. with a gigabit upload and download speed. And since my campaign is the first internet only campaign, I will need that access in order to succeed,” said McAfee.

McAfee said the cyber capabilities made the city a great fit.  McAfee plans to use the resource not only to be accessible to voters, but to send out videos similar to fire side chats.

The city of Opelika has high expectations for what is to come.

“It’s going to put us on the map like never before. Back in the day, the railroad was what kept small cities on the map, then it was highways, now it’s the information highway,” said Owens.

And with super speedy upload and download speeds, McAfee hopes other cities will follow in Opelika’s footsteps.

“Not only do I need the internet to get access to the American public and for the American public to have access to me, but I think all American cities should have the equivalent,” said McAfee

Opelika may not be the biggest city in Alabama, but McAfee said it shows what the city is capable of.

“If Opelika can do it, any city can do it,” said McAfee.

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