BTW Apartment demolition continues

COLUMBUS, Ga. – The Housing Authority of Columbus, Georgia is continuing to tear down the Booker T. Washington apartments for a multi-million dollar construction project.  They are replacing the 392 BTW units with 106 new apartments, which will be called Columbus Commons.

Some of the BTW Apartments have already been torn down.  The remaining residents will have to be out in less than a month because Housing Authority employees said construction starts October 1st.

The people living in the BTW Apartments have three options: One, they can sign up on a waiting list to live in the new property.  Two, they can use housing vouchers to move into a house.  Or three, they can relocate to other public housing.

Marcus McBroome said he lived in BTW all of his life until he had to move out for the construction.

“They might say you can’t live here, but you ain’t gotta go.  I know everybody around here say I ain’t gotta go.  I ain’t breaking no law.  I can come around here,” McBroome said.

Housing Authority employees said they hope to use some of the land for commercial use.  They said construction will take about a year.


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