Lee, Muscogee County parents frustrated over school fees

Parents in both Lee County and Muscogee County are about the increased cost in school fees.

The cost of going to school, they said, seems to increase each year.

Most parents would agree they’re happy to spend a little money on quality education for their children, but when it’s costing them hundreds of dollars a year to send their kids to public school, that happiness turns to frustration.

“Where is it going? Why aren’t the taxes paying for the things that these fees are covering,” asked Shawn Harman, whose children attend Smiths Station High School. “And I think that discussion needs to be started. I think that we need to establish some accountability as to where all this money is going.”

Harman did the math and the fees he is paying for his two children this year adds up to $180…and he said he’s not alone.

“There are some things that are just outrageous,” Harman said. “I talked to a parent in Muscogee County who had to buy two books for their daughter because the teacher didn’t want to use the books that the school provided.”

While Harman said he can afford the fees, he knows other parents can’t…and to him, that’s just not right.

“I want my kids to have a good education,” Harman said. “We’re all paying tax dollars to support the education system and it should be maybe managed better, I don’t know. We just need to start asking questions instead of just handing over money every year and trusting that it’s going in the right place.”

WRBL called the finance department at Lee County Schools. We received voicemail and our message was never returned.

WRBL also sent an email to the principal of Smiths Station High School; that email was remains unanswered.


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