Kids found in street covered in fecal matter

COLUMBUS,Ga.- Columbus Police say 26-year-old Lisa Newsome was arrested Saturday after police found her two children, Jayleon Williams (3) and Jamari Newsome (2) walking in the middle of the street on Walnut Street, wearing only dirty diapers and covered in fecal matter.

Police say Newsome was asleep in her home off Central Circle and numerous attempts were made to locate Newsome and no missing child reports were filed.

lisa newsome

Witnesses say police say police cleaned up the kids when they arrived.

One of the witnesses was William Tipton. “It really scared me because like I said, there was a car coming down Walnut street and if it had been my kids in the middle of the road, I just don’t know what I would’ve done,” said Tipton.

Police also say the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services was called and placed the children in the custody of Newsome’s aunt.

Newsome faces two cases of reckless conduct and two cases of cruelty to children in the second degree.

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