Crossroads of Recovery

HAMILTON, Ga. – Nestled in a secluded area outside of Hamilton in Harris County is a 30-bed facility called Crossroads. It’s run by Valley Rescue Mission.

The program’s mission is to turn men’s lives around who have addiction problems. Twenty-seven men are currently enrolled in the program which lasts from nine-months to a year.

“Addiction recovery is a process. It’s a constant thing that you’re going to be doing for the rest of your life,” says Don Harbuck, the Director of Crossroads.

Harbuck feels uniquely qualified to head up the program because he’s been through it twice.

“That’s one of the most powerful things that I think I can share with the men out here is the fact that I’ve walked where they’re at, and I give them hope.”

Three to four hours of the men’s day is spent in the classroom and a lot of their instruction comes straight out of the bible.

“When you yoke up with God and get the word of God in you, you got what you need to help run this race.”

Bishop L.D. Skinner is one of the pastors who volunteers to come on a regular basis.

“Our success rate, which is higher than the national average, is due to the word of God that’s coming forth, and those biblical principles that are tried and true.”

Matthew Johnson has been at Crossroads for over six months and says the biblical instruction sinks in.

“It lets you know you can’t do it alone. It lets you know to always look towards our Creator.  It shows us that He cares enough about us that we can turn to Him and call on Him for help.”

Matthew looks back on his previous life and is thankful for a brighter future thanks to the beacon of hope he’s found at Crossroads.

“When you’re in addiction, especially when you’re in the downward spiral of it, you make mistake after mistake, and you start looking at yourself as a failure and a loser.  But when you call on our Creator and he pulls you up and He helps you out, you just want to praise Him and give Him the glory.”

According to the program director 50-70 men graduate from Crossroads each year and of those who enter the program 75-80% of them complete it.

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