Bikers team up with mother for autism

Luanne helms son, Jake, has autism. She searched the internet in hopes of finding answers, but everything she read made the outcome seem bleak.

Something Helms could not shake.

“I didn’t accept that, that wasn’t going to be our future, and it hasn’t been Jake has meet and exceeded all my expectations,” said Helms.

Since then, Helms is a mom on a mission to raise awareness and funding to find a cure for autism.

For the last three years, one of her biggest efforts is a motorcycle benefit ride.

“People were like, ‘if you have 10 bikes in attendance you have done well.’ Our first year we had 89 bikes riding, and about 600 people in attendance,” said Helms.

Helm’s drive is only half of what’s made it a success.

Rough and tough motorcycle bikers, like Tony Downing, said they enjoy showing their softer side for these children with Autism, who often even cannot speak for themselves.

“These kids with autism are just warriors, a lot of people think that guys on bikes are warrior…it’s these kids,” said Downing.

Side by side, bikes and bikers will roll down the streets of East Alabama this month for the Angels Riding for Autism benefit ride. A day tony said he looks forward to.

“The brotherhood that day was awesome, I can’t even describe the feeling with everyone riding their bikes…like I said it’s all for the kids,” said Downing.

Until the day arrives Luanne will continue to spread the word and awareness for autism in the community.

She says she doesn’t mind the hard work, because it only takes one person to make a difference.

“Somebody, I am somebody. So somebody can do it,” said Helms.

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