Why all the Teal Ribbons?

If you see Nan Galik this September, you cannot help but notice her teal accents.

Teal ribbons on her shoe laces, on her earrings, and with a little help from her organization Teal Magnolias, her teal ribbons have spread from her wardrobe to cityscapes across the Chattahoochee Valley.

“It was a wow experience the whole thing has been a wow experience!” said Galik.

Nan and her group of volunteers went out and put up all the teal ribbons, so community members would look out, and ask ‘Why all the teal?’

“Raise your awareness that ovarian cancer is an important thing to know about for all women, no matter what age they are,” said Galik.

Nan said every 6 minutes another woman is diagnosed with the deadly disease, and wants to help educate those women, because she was once one of them.

“I was diagnosed at stage 3A, which is getting close to one of the later stages,” said Galik.

For the last 11 years nan has been cancer free, but she’s offering guidance to all women regardless if they have the cancer or not.

“Just a little education, a little support, just anything we need to do to make these women a little more comfortable,” said Galik.

Her journey post-cancer has been one of service and strength for the woman around her, but she said nothing makes her happier than all the support she gets from the community.

“The cities are supportive, and the people do ask, “what’s the deal, why the ribbons?” said Galik.

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