Labor Day 10K raises money for wounded warrior organization

COLUMBUS, Ga. – A Labor Day community 10K having a huge impact the wounded vet community.

The 6.2 mile Big Dog Classic run/walk kicked off at 7:30a.m. on Monday.

All proceeds go to OWWS which stands for Operation Wounded Warrior Support.
The non-profit group provides free duck hunting for combat injured vets.

Dennis Smith, one of the OWWS founders, says every they’ve been able to grow the number vets they bring hunting.

He says many of the wounds these warriors have are emotional and getting out in creation is a huge part of complete recovery.

Smith shares his passion for helping these folks heal up on the heels of combat.

“My heart goes out to them because I been with them. I know what they have done I where they have been I definitely have skin in the fight with these guys and since I retired I still want to be part of that and help them anyway I can help them,” says Smith.

Noon Show

6:15 a.m Live

6:51 a.m. Live


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Fore more info., visit the OWWS website.


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