The search for missing Phenix City man, Caleb Hanson continues

If you see Caleb, you are asked to contact authorities

PHENIX CITY, Ala.- Family and friends are holding out hope for missing 21-year-old Caleb Hanson to come home.

Hanson is 5′ 11″ tall, 150 pounds and was last seen wearing a dark t-shirt, tennis shoes.

If you see Caleb, you are asked to contact authorities
If you see Caleb, you are asked to contact authorities

Hanson went missing Wednesday morning after leaving home for his morning routine of walking the neighborhood; a neighborhood his father says he knows like the back of his hand. His father Tim, says Caleb usually leaves in the morning and comes back for breakfast, but that did not happen Wednesday.

His father says that Caleb is well-known by all of the neighborhood. While riding along with Tim Hanson to find Caleb, a neighbor came up and shared a story about a time where Caleb gave her a coin with a Bible passage on it, and she carries it in her wallet to this day.

Caleb’s father says he [Caleb] suffers from mental illness, particularly Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and is probably confused while being away from his home. His father also says he has walked away from home before, but he has never been away as long as he’s been since Wednesday. Family and friends day they are doing their best to keep their composure while Caleb is missing. Caleb’s aunt, Amira Jacobs says, “It’s been very emotional. We’re just trying to be focused on our mission, but as I said, with every hour that passes with no news, it’s getting very upsetting.”

Caleb’s father and Russell County Sheriff, Heath Taylor say neighbors saw Caleb as recent as Thursday. Sheriff Taylor says Russell County Sheriffs have searched the neighborhood, vacant homes in the neighborhood, the woods. He also says they have used a drone and hope to use a helicopter to find Hanson. Taylor also added the Sheriff’s Office believes there is no specific area Hanson could be, and could possibly be with someone who does not know he is missing. They also say it’s possible Caleb may have gotten into a car with someone and drove out of the area.

Caleb’s father says when Caleb is found, he will have many thank you notes to write to all who are helping out with the search.

If you have any information about Caleb, you are asked to call the Russell County Sheriff’s Office at 334-298-6536 or Caleb’s father Tim at 706-573-2824.


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