MCSD: Shaw H.S. student charged after making “threatening” social media post

COLUMBUS, Ga.- A Shaw High School student is facing disciplinary action after they allegedly made a threat on social media.

Upon arrival at school this morning, the teen was charged with Disruption of a Public School, Muscogee County school officials tell News 3.

The district says they received multiple calls about a concerning social media post. Authorities determined a Shaw student made the post and was holding what appeared to be a gun. They say the picture was captioned with a written threat.

MCSD security, along with Columbus police and school administration approached the student upon their arrival at Shaw this morning. They determined the student did not have a weapon on them.

We’re told all students and staff are safe and classes are operating on a normal schedule.

Some students said they were worried about coming to school Tuesday morning.

“My first reaction was that I was kind of like scared at first,” said Shaw High School student Debrah Siorfowler.

Another Shaw student said she was not too worried about the threats because she has experienced similar situations at another school.  She did say that she noticed fewer students at school than normal.

“To be honest, most of my classrooms were empty. There was two classrooms that only like 15 out of the 30 students showed up,” said Saharah Hackett.

Officials with the MCSD are encouraging anyone who hears something suspicious in their community to notify police and/or the school right away. They are also asking parents to talk with their kids about the serious consequences of posting anything that could be considered a safety threat. They say any student who violates behavior code or the discipline policy is subject to potential suspension, expulsion, alternative school or possible criminal charges.



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