UPDATE: Three arrested for vandalizing church

The pastor of Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church said it was vandalized in late July.

CHAMBERS COUNTY, Ala. – The Chambers County Sheriff Department arrested three people in connection with the vandalism of a church in late July.  At least three people vandalized Mt. Pleasant United Methodist church on July 29.

Officials are charging 18-year-olds Haley Bassett and Anna Lauderdale with criminal mischief, burglary, and theft.  Sheriffs also arrested a teenager.

Pastor James Wright said Mt. Pleasant members are relieved there have been arrests made in the case.

“I think they have calmed down.  That was my objective to calm them down and let them know law enforcement was on top of it,” Pastor Wright explained.

He said the vandalism caused about $20,000 in damages.  The church’s broken windows are still boarded up and Pastor Wright doesn’t know exactly when the church will be fixed.

Church services are currently being held at Mount Zion Methodist Church.

The case’s lead investigator said he he hopes the community realizes law enforcement takes these kind of calls seriously.

“Maybe this will teach some of the other people that these types of crimes are not wanted here in Chambers County,” Sheriff Teddy Morris said.  Sheriff Morris said they are also questioning two other teenagers in connection to the case.

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