OMS trains future CEO’s

Coming up with the next million dollar business idea is not easy, but that is not stopping the 19 students enrolled in the Young Entrepreneur’s Academy.

The class at Opelika Middle School is the training grounds for some of the youngest CEO’s.

Hunter Weston is one of them.

“The hardest part for me is coming up with the idea, because once you think of it, you have to learn how to make it,” said Hunter Weston.

But, it is more than just coming up with an idea; it’s bringing their business to life.

Luckily, their teacher Clarinda Jones is there to help.

“We’re piloting it as an actual class instead of an after school program, and they have to work really, really hard,” said Clarinda Jones, business and computer application teacher, OMS.

We do not want to give away any of their ingenious ideas just yet, because, they could be worth millions.

Taylor Rosenthal a recent graduate of the program was offered 30 million dollars by a large medical company for the business he started in the class.

Now, the newest group of Young Entrepreneurs have some large shoes to fill.

“Working through the small problems in this classroom, not only is it fun for me to do, it also will help me when I grow up and have bigger problems,” said Matthew Johnson, Young Entrepreneur.

“Just kind of getting us ready for college and the world,” said Walker Beans, Young Entrepreneur.

And after a year of hard work, they will bring home more than a letter grade.

“They actually receive real money to start their businesses; they earn or receive a real business license from the City of Opelika, and a year’s membership with the Opelika Chamber of Commerce,” said Jones.

And the last thing they do, pitch their business in front of investors, something that could make anyone a little nervous.

“I’m trying not to be, but I probably will,” said Weston.

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