Columbus High named Headquarter Nissan Athletes of the Week

The Columbus High Blue Devils are riding high right now following their big opening season win over the Jordan Red Jackets. The Devils dominated early, and then held on for a 37-to-25-win. It was a good start for a team expected to do big things this season.

“We made a few mistakes and let them come back around the third quarter. But, we finished it in the fourth quarter,” said senior receiver Essang Bassey, who is committed to Wake Forest. “I think we did good overall, but we made mistakes like fumbling snaps, things like that and turnovers. That really hurt us in finishing out the game.”

“I think we have more confidence since last year and more talent, just all around growth from last year,” said quarterback Derrick James.

Head coach Phil Marino is pleased with last week’s victory. But, he says his team still has a long way to go.

“We left a lot of points out there on the football field. As the opponents get tougher and tougher, and we get into the region, we just can’t afford to do that,” Marino said. “We are looking to use this week off and next week to fix those problems before we play Brookstone.”

The Blue Devils will get this weekend off before tangling with the Brookstone cougars next Friday night. Until then, they’ll heal their wounds and enjoy their title of our Headquarter Nissan Athletes of the Week.

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