AL tops Ashley Madison customer list

According to one data collection, Alabama is home to the largest amount of Ashley Madison customers.

After someone hacked into the Ashley Madison database, a website designed to help people cheat on their spouses, one data collection claims Alabama has to most unfaithful spouses in the U.S.

One Reddit user put together a list of Ashley Madison customers and Alabama is at the top of that list as the state spending the most money on the website.

One local expert said affairs first started happening within neighborhoods.   Earl Nichols, Senior Pastoral Counselor at the Pastoral Institute, said people looking for affairs in smaller towns have taken to social media as a convenient way to cheat.  He recommends that people be open and vulnerable with one another in relationships.

“If it isn’t built in and sustained in a relationship, that’s the relationship that will be the most vulnerable to an affair,” Nichols explains.

Nichols suggests that couples struggling with their relationship seek outside help.

The Pastoral Institute hosts a Crossroads Class for married couples.  It is for all couples in any situation and addresses how to have a healthy relationship.  Couples can register now for the final class scheduled in October.



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