A.C.S. prep for allergic reactions

All 11 of Auburn City Schools now have EpiPens on campus. The school system said it is a proactive measure.

According to the CDC food allergies increased by 50 percent from 1997 to 2011.  Auburn City Schools hope keeping EpiPens at their schools will help students who have an anaphylaxis reaction.

Doctor Kristi Dark is a school nurse. She said 25 percent of allergic reactions in schools are from students with no prior history of a reaction. She said the EpiPens can help students faster.

“Now having EpiPens stocked, we certainly diminish that time between anaphylaxis reaction beginning and the administration of epinephrine to that student,” said Dr. Dark.

The self-injection will only be given to students without a prior history. Students that are diagnosed with a particular allergy will still need to have their EpiPen registered and kept by the school, so they can use it if needed.

The EpiPens were provided free to the schools through a special program.

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