Carver Tigers recap comeback win, preview Spencer

Road-trips can do one of two things. They can split you apart, or bring you together.

For the Carver Tigers, a comeback win on the road against the Carver, Atlanta Panthers could have just sparked the team’s season.

So, the Tigers are back to practice after their season-opener in Atlanta went the right way.

One of the guys behind that comeback win: senior Jawon Pass. The Louisville commit admits it was a tough game, but he’s grateful for the early test.

I’m glad we got tested early this year to see what we’ll do under some adversity. And we overcame it,” Pass said. “So I’m glad we had a game like that early in the season. Last year’s team probably would have gave up. This year, we didn’t give up. We overcame adversity and found a way to win.”

Pass completed just 40% of his passes Saturday and was credited with two interceptions on the day.

The bright spots for him, though, included a 300-yard passing, three-touchdown performance.

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