Local dog owners react to Pedigree complaints

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Thousands of Pedigree customers across the country have claimed to find wire-like material in their dog food.

One local pet owner says he feeds his dog organic dog food, which has less filler product and more meat.  Ryan McConnell said he has never used Pedigree and probably never will.

“I feel like they’ve had problems in the past about people saying stuff about their dog food, so you know, do your research.  Make sure you know what you’re doing,” McConnell said.

Robert Merritt said he has fed his three dogs Pedigree ever since they were puppies. He said he’s not worried by the claims made about the brand’s dog food.

“If there were going to be any problems, they already would’ve showed up,” Merritt explained.

Pedigree says the “hair-like materials” customers claim to find in their dog food are actually natural fibers.  Pedigree employees had U.S. consumer samples of the brand tested by an independent lab. The findings reveal that Pedigree is completely safe to feed your four-legged friends.

Last year, Pedigree recalled 22 bags of its Adult Complete Nutrition dry food because it possible unknown material in it.

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