Columbus dog bound to a tree, loses leg from abuse

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Bound to a tree and used for breeding, CeCe the German Shepherd was turned over to Columbus Animal Control on Saturday.

Animal Ark Rescue, a no-kill shelter took her in, but that’s not the end of the story.

Gruesome photos of the abuse CeCe endured caused us to take a closer look at what happened.

Rotten tissue. Exposed bone. Terrible odor. What CeCe had to suffer before she found the loving arms of Animal Ark Rescue.

“We see everything here at Animal Ark, but it made us cry,” said Sabine Stull, owner of Animal Ark. “We do see the best in people and we see the worst in people.”

When CeCe arrived to Animal Ark on Saturday, Stull said CeCe looked “defeated” and had no hope in her eyes.

But today is a new day for the dog.

Though she lost her leg because of the abuse, it’s what she gained that matters most now.

“Oh, she is bright-eyed, I mean she is happy, you can tell it in her face that she just feels 100 percent better,” Stull said.

A local military couple with a love for animals decided to foster CeCe until she finds a forever home, calling the experience rewarding.

“It’s amazing to see grateful these animals are, how loving they are,” said Clara Crowley. “It just gives you a positive energy for your life. That’s why we decide to make at least a small difference in their daily life, give them some love and some peace.”

WRBL reached out to Columbus Animal Control. They said charges are, indeed, pending against CeCe’s former owners.

On the road to healing now, in CeCe’s eyes once again, hope.

“And that hope will no longer include being tied to a tree,” Stull said.

CeCe’s foster “parents” said CeCe is a good protector and a great companion.

If you’re interested in giving CeCe and loving and forever home, please call Animal Ark Rescue at 706-569-6040.

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