Auburn Police keep students safe

Anything can happen on a college campus and with limited roadways; Myron and Frank are taking a direct route to the action.

“It is harder to walk up to a patrol car because they are normally rolling…we are normally stationary,” said Myron Thornton, bike patrol officer.

The team responds to calls, and navigates through the most congested areas of campus, but when they are not rolling around, they are giving students and parent’s peace of mind.

“There is nothing different between this school and any other school in America. They are safe here as anywhere else,” said Thornton.

Auburn Police Chief Paul Register knows his bike patrol is key to enforcing the pedestrian friendly campus. He said the layout even makes it challenging for criminals to get away quickly.

“It’s a good thing, you don’t have the ability for would be criminals to drive through the campus, as much as they could before,” said Register.

If something does happen, and they say it will, Myron and Frank will be there in about a minute, less time than it takes a patrol car.

“Our officers are out there looking for people who may endanger themselves, by their own conduct, whether they are driving erratically, or whether they may be staggering out into the road,” said Register.

The department aims at keeping the students safe and parents at ease.

“You’re precious cargo your mom and daddy sent you down here to get an education, and I’m here to protect them,” said Thornton.

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