Auburn City Planning to vote on new apt. complex

When Auburn’s Planning Commission gathers Thursday night to discuss a new apartment complex on Harper Avenue, many people will be there to share their opinion on the issue, including Anna Solomon, who created the petition “Keep Auburn Lovely.”

“We’re concerned that not only that they’re may be 100 beds discussed tonight at the planning meeting, but in the works are an additional 1,000 beds,” said Solomon.

Those opposed to the new complex say there is too much supply and not enough demand to fill these new residences.

“Yet we see more 100 plus bed units going up, and more coming, and there really isn’t a market demand for any new student housing,” said Ray Huff, Owner of Auburn Realty.

The surplus of housing is a concern that leads city planners to recommend extending and expanding the moratorium, so they could have more time to properly assess the density in downtown Auburn.

However, that item was removed from last week’s city council meeting, and now Solomon is concerned the city might not be able to handle the growth.

“The market would only be able to absorb about 300 to 400 beds a year, and at this rate we are over building. So, we are concerned about the multi-unit development,” said Solomon.

The multi-unit development would mean more units, more beds, and some say more vacancies.

“No one in my business thinks four bedrooms units are a good at this point. No one in the property management building supports it. They are the hardest things to fill and the hardest thing to maintain,” said Soloman.


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