PrepZone preview: Central Red Devils

Our PrepZone preview tonight takes us to Central High School where the Red Devils have gone from a Cinderella a year ago, to a powerhouse favorite this season.

They are ranked highly in the state, and even nationally. Central’s program has been revitalized since the arrival of Jamey Dubose, who took them to the state playoffs last year.

Injuries and depth became an issue. Now, the surprises are gone and the hype is here. The team hears it, but they don’t put value into it.

“It is good for the community but it means nothing to us.  We have a job to do and we have to show up each week and try to compete, uphold that, and win a ball game,” Dubose said. “All it takes is one loss and you are forgotten, nobody remembers you. We are trying to extend our playoffs and get deeper. Our goal is to win a state championship. It always will be. That is our goal period.”

With a full year to implement his system, Dubose is much more comfortable with where they are this season.

“We have had a year to get the offseason in and get the tempo. A lot of people say we are a tempo offense, we are a tempo team. Everything we do is fast: how we practice, how we condition, how we train,” Dubose said. “Our guys have taken that in and understood. I am a hardnosed, old school, physical, old school type of guy with a lot of the new school age type things.”

The schedule is a rough one for Central. Circle September 18th on your calendar. That’s when they play Prattville, Dubose’s old team that knocked Central out of the playoffs last year.

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