Columbus High School overflow parking a problem for nearby neighbors

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Overflow parking from Columbus High School remains an issue for people who live in that area.

About a month ago, WRBL reported that a neighborhood group is wanting the City Council and the Muscogee County School District to come up with a plan.

Residents are frustrated because students are parking in front of their homes, sometimes even blocking driveways.

Neighbors have expressed anger over students leaving trash in their yards, too.

The issue was brought to the City Council last month. As a result of that meeting, Isaiah Hugley, Columbus City Manager, said he’d sit down with Dr. David Lewis, MCSD Superintendent, to come up with a plan.

On the first day of school, cars were parked up and down almost the entire length of Forest Avenue.

The congestion continued a few roads away from the school on Wildwood Avenue.

One homeowner, Cliff Tucker, was able to get “no parking” signs up in front of his home about two years ago when he and a few other neighbors presented their concerns to the city council.

“Over the years, it’s been quite congested and somewhat dangerous because of people trying to enter Wildwood and exit while all the people are coming and trying to go to school,” Tucker said. “It was difficult to come in and out of your driveway during school.”

Although the signs seem to be working in front of Tucker’s home, he questions if rules are being followed just down the road.

“There’s some restricted parking down on Forest, but it’s not as restricted and I’m not sure whether that’s being enforced or not,” Tucker said.

One neighbor said he had to ask students to move their cars this morning before heading to work.

As for what the answer is to this problem, no one knows for sure.

“More parking places there or some kind of deck, but I don’t know how the people on Forest would like to have a deck in front of their residence,” Tucker said. “So it’s somewhat of a dilemma that needs to be discussed.”

WRBL reached out to the city manager to see what’s been done about the situation.

Hugley said he’ll have an update tomorrow at the city council meeting.

WRBL will be there and will bring you that update.

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