Neighbors share concern about speeding near Steam Mill Road

A McCarthy Drive resident has this sign in their yard.

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Neighbors who live off of the road where a 17-year-old was hit and killed Thursday say there is a speeding problem in that area.

McCartha Drive is just a block away from the deadly hit and run on Steam Mill Road.  Leroy Engram says he has lived on McCartha Drive for 30 year and he says speeding has always been a problem, but says speeding is even worse on Steam Mill Road.

“People just go up and down there like it’s a speedway,” Engram explains.

Columbus City Manager Isaiah Hugley was the one who called 911 after he and his wife discovered the teen’s body.  He says this is not the first death he has reported on Steam Mill Road.

“It’s been devastating and both, of course, were on Steam Mill Road and one right in my driveway.  We’ve got to continue monitor Steam Mill Road for traffic,” Hugley told News Three in a phone interview Thursday.

Hugely says they have police continuing to watch for speeding along that road as well as other factors affecting pedestrian safety like cell phone use.

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