Indiana farmer runs for president

TIPPECANOE CO., Ind. (WLFI) – As the Republican presidential candidates prepare for Thursday night’s debate, a local man is preparing his own run for President.

Frank Erwin is a 1988 graduate of Harrison High School.

A farmer by trade, the Colfax resident has never run for political office. But in documents filed last week with the Federal Election Commission, he is officially in the 2016 race as an Independent.

Erwin tells News 18 he’s focused on improving conditions for poorer Americans by raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour to give everyone a chance to take a vacation every year and increasing Social Security payments to seniors. He also wants to tackle the national debt by making cuts to other programs.

“I think the people will be attracted to what I have to offer because I have lived their lives and done what they have. It’s time for a change in the world to represent the poorer class people,” said Erwin.

Erwin says for now he’s working to get on the ballot in some of the western states like Utah and Oklahoma which have lower voter thresholds.

Despite his lack of experience in political office, he says he wanted to run for the nation’s highest office because, if elected, he could do the most in the shortest amount of time.

“If you want something done in the United States you’ve got to go the top,” said Erwin. “If I do a political office at the state or federal level, I would just be a small market. If I can actually pull off being the President of the United States, I can do a lot for people in a much quicker time.”

Erwin’s campaign has a website here.

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