Muscogee County Schools gear up for first day of school

Hosts "District-Wide Verification Day"

COLUMBUS, Ga. – School starts on Monday, Aug. 10 for students in the Muscogee County School District.

Students and parents had the chance to visit their schools, meet teachers and get all set up for a successful first day of school at Wednesday’s “District-Wide Verification Day.”

The school district offers Verification Day so parents can fill out forms, bring medical card, pay fees, purchase lockers, pick up bus passes, among a host of other “back to school” necessities.

Bus drivers also did a practice run on their assigned routes.

Parents of students who are new to the district can register online by clicking here.

WRBL caught up with students, teachers and parents at the Wynnton Arts Academy to see how they’re all feeling about this new school year.

Parents can’t wait for school to start.

“Actually, I am very excited, as most parents should be,” said Bobbie Robertson, whose children will start first and fifth grade. “It’s been a long summer.”

Bigger kids have the jitters…

“I feel excited because I’m going to have new friends, but I think I’ll see my old friends from first grade, so I feel a little nervous because I might not know anyone,” said soon-to-be second grader Phoebe Marr.

And little ones are eager…for simple reasons.

“We get to play at the park,” said 5-year-old Carter Packard.

“I’m happy because I’m happy to go to my sister’s school,” said incoming kindergartner Chloe Preston.

Teachers are optimistic.

“I hope that I have 26 of the best, most well-rounded little individuals,” said brand-new second grade teacher Priscilla Bailey. “I hope they know they’ve grown so much and that they understand it doesn’t happen overnight…everything is a growing experience for us here. I’m extremely overwhelmed. I’m excited. There’s a lot of sweet, sweet kids that are coming through this year.”

Bailey said she grew up “wanting to change the world.”

“And this is the only way to do it,” said said. “I’m going to change the world 26 kids at a time.”

Here’s what’s new with Muscogee County schools this year:

  1. All high schools now have a new 7th period schedule.
  2. Orchestra is available at all high schools and middle schools for the first time
  3. All middle schools now offer three high school credit course
  4. Kinnett Stadium is adding artificial turf, which should be completed by the start of football season





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