Hawks starting 2015 with a chip on their shoulder

The Hardaway Hawks are practicing mad.

The team went winless in 2014, and is determined to not let that happen again. As they went through their first practice in pads Saturday morning, there was a feeling of resolution in the air.

“They’re determined,” said head coach Jeff Battles. “We don’t ever want to go through that again. We don’t want to go through that misery again, so they have stepped up and worked harder than they ever have before, so that’s a good sign.”

The Hawks were a painfully young team in 2014, and are young again this season, but this time, those young players have experience. Still, Battles says there are some rookies who will play key roles.

“[We have a] lot of question marks,” Battles said. “After going 0-10 last year, they came back and had a pretty productive spring. Summer was very good. Offseason, overall, was good, so coming into today, we have a lot of question marks the young guys that are being asked to step up and play.”

Hardaway opens the season Saturday, Aug. 22, at Tri-Cities.

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