Celebrating the life of murdered homeless man

COLUMBUS, Ga. -Community members gathered at the Rose Hill United Methodist Church’s Safehouse Saturday afternoon to remember the life of William “Billy” Edwards.  Officials found this homeless man’s body under a bridge last weekend.

People who looked after Edwards in the past gathered to celebrate his life celebrated his life today.  The memorial service featured music, speakers, and prayer.

The room was filled with both tears and laughter as friends shared their memories of Edwards.

Event organizer Neil Richardson said Saturday’s service was about family and friends being able to honor the life of Edwards and each other.  He said Edwards was a great person.

“You know he was like an artist.  He’s one of those kind of free spirits.  We lost somebody who kind of got off the grid a little bit and kept a smile,” Richardson said.

Friends said Edwards was an avid Alabama Crimson Tide fan and loved animals.  They spoke about Edwards always making sure everyone else had food before did.

A reception followed the memorial service.

Authorities said Edwards died of blunt force trauma to the head.  His case is still under investigation.

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