Back-to-school electronics meet Tax-Free Weekend

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Georgia’s tax-free holiday weekend kicked off Friday. Computers individually priced $1,000 or less are tax-free in Georgia through Saturday.

Best Buy manager Charlie Hill says computers and printers are big sellers over the tax-free holiday.  He says a combination of laptops and tablets, known as “2-in-1” are popular among students gearing up for the new school year.

“Tablets have taken over completely, but now a lot of computers are becoming ‘2-in-1s’ so they’re detaching or flipping over to be a tablet or a computer so those hybrids are kind of becoming the big deal in the market now,” Hill says.

The “2-in-1s” feature a touch screen.  The majority of the “2-in-1s” are less than $1,000 at Best Buy, which means they will be tax free until midnight Saturday.

Georgia’s tax-free weekend includes computer accessories also priced less than $1,000 per item. This covers keyboards and software.


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