City of Columbus to collect trash only once a week

The city will switch from picking up trash twice a week to once a week starting in September.

COLUMBUS, Ga. – The City of Columbus is making a revision regarding waste collection.  Patricia Biegler, Director of Public Works, said the trash pick-up will soon change.

Starting September 14, the city will switch from picking-up trash twice a week to just once a week.  Trash and recycling will be picked up on the same day.

Biegler is hopeful this change will encourage more citizens to recycle.

“Putting that cardboard and paper and plastic and aluminum in a separate bin and allow us to sell it instead of putting in our landfill to last forever,” Biegler said.

She tells us the city made $660,000 from selling recycled material last year.  She said recycling will lessen the amount of trash that goes into the landfill, which will cutback landfill costs.

If you aren’t sure when your trash day will be, you can find out through:

Columbus residents can call 311 to request to have small recycling bins delivered.

Officials said there will be no different trash fees because of the change in the trash pick-up schedule.






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