Columbus police seek help identifying credit card number thieves

Columbus police say the two men used their phones to type in the stolen credit card number and make large purchases.

COLUMBUS, Ga. — The Columbus Police Department says it is seeking assistance to identify two men suspected of credit card fraud.

Financial Crimes Unit Corporal Jane Edenfield says in a release the two men are accused of using a stolen credit card number to make large purchases at a local store. Edenfield says police do not know how the men got the credit card number. The victim and his wife say they had their cards with them the entire time.

Edenfield says it is possible the two men may have more than one stolen credit card number. She says when the two individuals were making purchases they had their cell phones out as if they were typing the numbers onto the register keypad from something on their cell phones.

If you know either of these men, contact Corporal Edenfield at (706) 225-4380 or the Financial Crimes Unit at (706) 653-3400. You can also contact the Financial Crimes Unit on Facebook.

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