Army Veteran Gets Armed to Defend Military Recruiting Offices

COLUMBUS, Ga.- A retired US Military Army veteran took his M-4 assault rifle and Glock-40 handgun, then he stood guard in front of the Armed Forces Military recruiting Center off Manchester Expressway.

In the aftermath of the Chattanooga, Tenn. recruiting offices shooting, retired Master Sgt. Donald Knapp took it upon himself to offer security for Columbus military recruiting officers.

“The Columbus, Ga. and Phenix City area needs to wake up. There’s 15 people behind me [Armed Forces Military Center] in this recruiting station that do not have the ability to defend themselves… and citizens can [defend them].” said Knapp.

He has stood guard since 8 in the morning, and he plans on keeping watch everyday until there is a change in the military policy to have recruiting officers carry weapons. He says he wants to keep these men and women safe from any type of incident that could occur.


“I need to be here because I know the government policy and what it is for recruiting stations and government facilities, and knew that a private citizen could do this themselves.”

Knapp has the proper permits to carry both weapons.

Once someone posted a photo on Facebook of Knapp pacing in front of the offices early Tuesday morning, many Columbus residents came out to give him food and drinks, as well as show him support.

“I think that it shows that we have more patriots than initially thought,” said Caleb Sargent, a current U.S. Army Specialist. “I mean for somebody to come out here with his personal weapon and his personal time to help support what we have going on. I think it shows we still have some great Americans.”

Donald Knapp is asking for anyone with the proper weapons permit to come out and join him in guarding the military recruiting offices.

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