Wynnton neighborhood watch group takes issues to city council

Residents frustrated with parking, littering issues

Map showing students who drive to Columbus High School

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Members of the Wynnton Village Neighborhood Watch expressed their concerns to the Columbus City Council on Tuesday morning.

Residents of the area are frustrated with parking and littering issues during the school year; they said students at Columbus High School have been parking in front of their homes and leaving trash in their yards. Residents have also complained about the rise in crime, as more students’ cars are getting broken into.

Last summer, a petition was signed by the neighborhood calling for the area to become a “no parking” zone.

Progress was made Tuesday morning when the neighborhood watch representative, Brian Lackey, was able to voice his concerns to the city council.

Lackey presented maps of the school’s parking parking lot over the years and a map showing the amount of students who drive to Columbus High School.

Map showing students who drive to Columbus High School
Map showing students who drive to Columbus High School


Lackey said he was encouraged by City Manager Isaiah Hugley’s plan to meet with Muscogee County School District Superintendent Dr. David Lewis.

“I’ll work with Dr. Lewis to take a look at the situation related to parking to see what options we can come up with to better accommodate the students in terms of parking, but to make sure that the residents are not adversely affected,” Hugley said.

Hugley said he does believe the residents have a valid concern and he won’t wait to take action.

“We’d like to get that done before school starts and school starts in August, so we’re talking rather quickly,” Hugley said.

Residents of the area said more parking at the school would be helpful, or changing the school’s policy on who can use the parking lot.

Hugley said it’s too soon to speculate on what the right answer may be.

“I’ve got to meet with the superintendent and his appropriate staff and look at all the options and then decide what we want to bring back as a viable option to accommodate all,” Hugley said.

Residents also suggested only allowing juniors and seniors to drive to school; the city council said it wasn’t likely they or the school district could limit who could or couldn’t have that privilege.







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