Steve Spurrier headlines day two of SEC Media Days

SEC Media Days are an interesting phenomenon. It is a very unnatural setting, but one person who always acts natural is South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier.

He is one of the more interesting characters in all of college football. The Gamecocks finished at 7-6 last year, and Tuesday morning, he was asked about LSU. He compared that to how a few other teams finished last season.

“Where did they finish last year? 8-5? Auburn 8-5, Texas A&M yeah. I was talking to Kevin Sumlin about that earlier. Sometimes when you play in the SEC and you go 8-5, it’s not too bad,” Spurrier said.

Spurrier went on to say that there are teams like Tennessee and Arkansas who were thrilled to get seven wins. Last year broke a streak for South Carolina, they had three straight seasons with 11 wins prior to 2014.

Now in his 70’s, plenty of fans and media ponder how long Spurrier can keep coaching.

“There are people running for president near my age that are near me,” Spurrier said. “Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton. Somebody told me the other day that I was the youngest coach in the SEC who has won four straight bowl games. Pat, you knew that. People don’t know that, I’m the youngest that has done that right now.”

“He works out three days or four days a week doing abs and curls and stuff. He is pretty in shape for his age. You can tell he is seventy,” said South Carolina wide receiver Pharoh Cooper.

With Spurrier being one of South Carolina’s most recognizable figures, he sets the tone for his team on political issues like the lowering of the confederate flag at the South Carolina state capitol.
“I think all coaches and all of us in college sports are concerned about equality and no bias against anybody. I came back out in 07 or 08 or something like that at a function saying I hope we remove the flag. It took a while and I think it helps our state immensely,” Spurrier said.

He also said that he has zero tolerance for any violence against women. Spurrier says if a player hits a girl, they will be kicked off of South Carolina’s team immediately.

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