Graffiti make dozens of kids redo their artwork

COLUMBUS, Ga.- After more than 60 volunteers spent their entire day in the heat creating two murals for Charlie Hall park, someone spray painted their artwork with profanity, ruining their masterpiece.

At the Beallwood Area Neighborhood Development Community Center, NeighborWorks Columbus teamed up with Teameffort, B.A.N.D., Columbus Parks and Recreation and dozens of teenage missionary volunteers from Florida, Illinois, and Michigan. These groups banded together in one of the many projects to help revitalize the Beallwood neighborhood area.

Brent Alexander is a professional artist and the Junior High Youth Director for one of the missionary groups from Illinois. He designed the artwork for these volunteers to paint on both the bathroom pavilion in Charlie Hall Park, and the Beallwood Community Center across the street.

“We’re all about restoring the Beallwood area, bringing it back, making a turn around, and a positive change. Both in terms of residential and also public areas like the [Charlie Hall] park.” said Brent.

Once the volunteers had packed up and finished for the day, someone came Monday night (7/13) and defaced the artwork with black spray paint.


“We rode by this morning, there were several profane words written on the mural in black ink. Someone went and put all types of things on it.” Adrian Chester, the Pastor of Greater Beallwood Baptist Church, told WRLB.

Put that didn’t dampen any of the missionary workers and volunteers spirits, as they were back out at nine this morning to re-create their artwork. Many community leaders, like Seth Brown-a board member of the NeighborWorks program, came by to support the kids, and appreciate the work that had to done.

“These kids come to our city to revitalize an area on their own time, their summer time, to make it what it used to be and bring those glory days back.”

This is one of the many projects NeighborWorks is working on throughout the summer to continue making Columbus a better place to live.

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