Toomer’s Corner construction could beat deadline

The August 17th deadline is inching closer for the Toomer’s Corner renovations. The tall black fences that stand in front of businesses in downtown Auburn may get even closer to storefronts. Crews are preparing to lay sidewalks, which will cause business doors to close temporarily.

“One day time frame when their front doors are inaccessible. We are working very close to them to make sure we are disrupting their business as little as possible,” said David Dorton, Director of Public Affairs for the City of Auburn.

However, even though the doors could close for a day, it does not mean workers can stay home.

“We are going to be coming in to work still, so if anyone has any questions or wants to place an order they can call,” said Kristin Taylor, Assistant Manager of Wrapsody in Auburn.

Wrapsody is located near Toomer’s Corner, but the dust and dirt are not holding their customers back this summer.

“People still want to buy gifts, people still want to get out and shop. Since students aren’t here it is easier to park. They are more spots available,” said Taylor.

Another project in the construction zone will be the planting of a new oak tree.

“They’ll have access to where they need access inside the fence or around our process to get the tree planted. So those things won’t hinder each other,” said Taylor.

The construction is moving right along, and could even beat the expected deadline.

“We are trying to get done early, as early as we can, as least in terms of opening the streets,” said Dorton.

As the construction finishes up, businesses want to remind the public that the still open sign will remain in place all summer long.

“Just we are open all summer, we are happy to help out in anyway,” said Taylor.

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