Finding identity helps Lions to title game

As with any minor league sport, the roster for any given team at the end of a Professional Indoor Football League season can look decidedly different than the one at the beginning.

For the Columbus Lions, playing for the league championship against Richmond on Monday, success came from finally finding that identity.

“Offensively, we are starting to hit our groove again,” said head coach Jason Gibson. “We went into a dead spot in the middle of the season, just trying to figure out who we had because we had so many good players. It was hard to get continuity. But, we started playing a lot of matchups with personnel we have and it has put us in a good position.”

A chunk of that success has come thanks to the emergence of quarterback Casey Kacz. He also knows what it’s like to win a championship. A state champ in high school, Kacz says the feelings are similar this time around.

“It has a similar feel that we were very confident going into it,” he said. “In high school, we went undefeated. We had the confidence going into it. We were undefeated. Even though we are not undefeated right now, we were playing at such a high level, we all had that confidence that it didn’t matter who we are playing.”

Of course, playing in one of the toughest environments for road teams in the league doesn’t hurt, either.

“It’s starting to sink in that, if we win this game, we’re champs,” Kacz said. “That’s going to be a great feeling if we get it done. I hope we do. I think we’ll get it done.”

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